Hypnosis as a weapons system

How your technology can be used to hurt you

What is hypnoweaponry? 

Hypnoweaponry is the use of hypnosis as a weapons system. Hypnosis can be weaponised by military organisations to create weapons which can actually think. 

Its a powerful technology which can literally destroy lives. 

There are many ways you can be exposed to hypnoweaponry - the main way the author has experienced is the used of hacked technology such as mobile phones and computers. 

Weaponized scripts are scripts which can be used to create a hypnotic weapon. Some of the scripts are available on the dark net. 

Hacking technology to deliver weaponised hypnosis is not a new idea and there has been hints of hacking message boards about the idea and technology behind it for over well over a decade. 

This website aims to outline some of the techniques which can be used to hack people - describing the technology in basic terms. 

The website also aims to be a point of contact for media organisations and victims of hypnohacking or who may have been hypnohacked who need somewhere to turn for help. 

If you wish to contact someone about hypnosis as a weapons system you can contact Martin at martin@hypnohacked.com. 

Alternatively leave a message at the following number 
00 353 834505857. This is an Irish mobile number which isn't on all the time (in case I get hacked again) but it is a number you can reach me on. 

I will try to get back to messages within a few days.