My Story

My name is Martin  and I'm a secondary school teacher (sub) in Ireland. 

My mind was basically partitioned using hypnosis into subsections. All of these subsections were in effect weaponised. 

I had my life destroyed by this technology and it has left me struggling to get answers to what happened. I cant provide the exact details on what happened but what I can describe is some basics on how the technology works. 

Shifts/Artificial Intelligence based weapons

One of the techniques used which I mentioned was breaking my mind into smaller sections and programming them towards a military end. This was done with hypnosis. I believe I was asleep when much of this happened so I was hypnotised without providing consent. There is little information on the internet about sleep based hypnosis but it is possible to hypnotise people in their sleep. 

The technique creates shifts which are basically portions of your mind crafted to execute a particular agenda e.g disrupting normal physiological function. The shift programming can be tailored to whatever the hypnotist has in mind. These can be any objectives such as calling in a bombscare to a nightclub every time you walk into a club or tailoring them with autonomous mind wipe programs.

Hypnotic programs

Hypnotic programs are not as dynamic as shifts but they are basically more simple programming to do certain things e.g to fail at work or to be late for work. They program is easier to install than shifts but as a weapon can be devastating. Imagine a foreign nation hacking your phone to get you to turn up late constantly for work. 

There are very few jobs which over time that wouldn't not lead to you being fired. The weapon can be tailored in other ways to whatever is on the agenda of the hacker.  

Loyalty Programs

I worked as a back channel between Chinese Intelligence and other intelligence services. Chinese Intelligence installed a loyalty program to the America. This was particularly strong in a bombscare I was involved in Dublin. They also installed a loyalty program to someone who set me up, and individual involved who asked me to call a bombscare into the George in Dublin. 

New frontier in weapons systems

This technology is a new frontier in the cyber threats faced by nations and people. As we all know software and computers can be hacked. So can people. The array of technology we use opens up the opportunity to hack and compromise people. Used by foreign nations - this technology provides the opportunity to strike activists and people using their hacked electronics anywhere in the world. 

Think of the number of people who sleep with a phone beside them. Hacking a phone and then hypnotising someone offers a way to compromise many people.

National Security 

The implications of this technology raise immense National Security dilemmas. We in the modern world depend on technology for everyday life but the same technology can be weaponised and hurt to us across national boundaries. The technology is subtle and dosnt leave the same sort of trace a bullet would leave but its effects can be more devastating on the victim. 

It will be yet another new challenge for the security services to provide protection against this threat.